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Roots Geologic Services

    We provide comprehensive geological services to the mining industry. Our professionally licensed geologists offer years of mining related experience to clients. Our geologists review client geological issues or problems and then provide innovative and viable solutions.
    Exploration Services

    • Exploration planning, Exploration Licensing and "Lease by Application" Services
    • Surface and Underground Exploration Management
    • Overburden, Resource, and Bulk Material Sampling Services
    • Surface & Underground mapping service
    • Remote Sensing, Photogeological interpretation
    • Design and Management of Geophysical Exploration projects

    Mine Operation Support Services

    • Geological Hazard Mapping and Assessment
    • Geological Hazard Mapping and Mitigation
    • Geological consulting
    • Mine Dewatering Program Design and Implementation
    • Operational Product Quality Control Programs
    • Coal / Fuel utilization services

    Mining / Geological Database Services

    • Detailed Drill Hole Analysis and Preparation Development & Implementation of Detailed Mining & Geological Databases
    • Analysis of Mining & Geological Data
    • GIS Services to the Mining and Energy industries

    Geological Modeling Services

    • Development of Reserve Models in Basic and Complex Geological Deposits
    • Detailed Geological maps and Cross Section graphics
    • Detailed Coal quality modeling
    • Detailed Burden characterization and modeling

    Reserve Analysis

    • Comprehensive Resource and reserve analysis
    • Determination of Economic Reserves
    • Detailed Basin-Wide Comparison study
    • Geological Due Diligence investigations

    Mine Geotechnics

    • Geotechnical data collection: mapping, logging, sampling and testing
    • Stress measurement and evaluation of seismic behavior
    • Rock mass characterization and pillar stability analysis
    • Ground support and reinforcement
    • Subsidence prediction and control
    • Block caving studies
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