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Roots Exploration Services

    Roots team has operational experience in majority of the Minerals/coal fields and has a strong focus on the analysis, synthesis and interpretation of exploration data, particularly as it is related to the definition and assessment of Minerals. Roots expertise include management of exploration programs, including drilling projects, sampling quality protocol design and audit, detailed assessment of multi-element geochemical data employing the most advanced software tools, and the collection and synthesis of information using GIS methods.

    Mineral/Coal Exploration – Field Work

    Roots partners are involved in Minerals/coal projects with many intermediate and large companies. We provide essential Data Acquisition, Database Validation and Resource Assessment Services for numerous clients in multiple locations, all with varying requirements

    • Core logging (e.g. HQ, four, six and eight inch logging)
    • Sampling of Minerals for quality testing
    • Geotechnical logging and interpretation (underground and open cut)
    • Geotechnical sampling
    • Data entry & Validation
    • Database management, including previous exploration programs
    • Geophysical data interpretation / seam picking / corrections
    • Rig / Contractor supervision
    • Liaise with mine management, landholders and traditional owners
    • GPS navigation and site pegging
    • Exploration report writing
    • Geophysical Loggers
    • Geotechnical Engineers
    • Resource Evaluation / 3D Modeling firms

    Coal Exploration – Beyond the Coal Field

    Roots has close association with several other service providers. These close industry relationships enable us to source all required elements of a project of any scale, enabling us to take a project from concept to completion

    • Drilling Companies
    • Coal Testing Laboratories

    Surveying, Mapping & Graphics Services

    Systematic Geological Mapping (on scale 1:50,000), Specialized Thematic Mapping (on a scale 1:25000, Resolving problems pertaining to stratigraphy, structure and tectonics., Identifying every minor litho-member), Geochemical Mapping (On a scale1: 50,000, identifying primary and secondary dispersion pattern, identifying possible pay off zones of hidden or deep-seated mineralized areas), Geophysical Mapping (surveying for coal investigations mainly by resistivity and induced polarization methods, searching for coal in concealed terrain and identification of subsurface features.) and Airborne Survey.

    Our Topo-Surveys include:

    • Topographic Mapping
    • Global Positioning System (GPS)
    • Detailed scale of Engineering and mine surveying
    • Route surveys for power transmission and communication lines
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